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7 Skincare Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin This Winter

Winter is a wonderful time of the year. The warmer autumn days wind down and everyone is excited about the upcoming long-awaited holidays. This also means that it's time to change the current skincare routine. You see, cooler and drier air during the fall and winter months means that your beauty regimen urgently needs a revamp - in order to keep your skin healthy, moisturised, and younger-looking.

Follow the ProNutriWorld tips below and we can assure you that your skin will stay soft and glowing all season long!

1) Moisturise More Often

On top of everything you do daily, moisturising often feels like another chore. However, just like brushing your teeth, the process of moisturising is essential. You see - it doesn't just feel great, but also keeps your skin looking absolutely stunning - wrinkle-free, smooth, and clear.

Once it gets colder outside and a hot shower becomes a more frequent occurrence (and I can’t blame you - it feels great and invigorating), spending a minute to apply moisturiser will make sure your skin is not only clean but also protected from the daily stress.

2) Pick the Right Cleanser

In summer, when it's hot and humid, a lot of people use a heavy-duty cleanser. Once the summer is over, you should always check whether your product is suitable for the colder fall and winter months. If not, you should look into getting a non-drying, sulphate-free cleanser that will clean the pores and remove dirt particles without zapping moisture from your skin.

3) Don't Forget About The Sunscreen

Although the weather is getting colder and you are getting less sun daily, you shouldn't forget to apply sunscreen. While the sun's rays intensity may decrease, they can still damage your skin. Your best bet is finding a moisturiser with SPF protection - so using sunscreen doesn't take extra time out of your day. This way, you'll protect your skin from wrinkles and sunspots in the long run!

4) Remember Your Lips and Hands

When talking about skincare, a lot of people only think about their faces. Surprisingly often, your lips and hands are often overlooked.

You see - getting chapped and dry lips is a very common occurrence during winter due to the cool, dry air. As a result, your scaly lips may detract from the overall healthy look you portray fairly easily. In order to avoid that, find a natural oil with healing benefits (something with beeswax and sunflower as its main ingredients). Avoid cheap (and sometimes not-so-cheap) petroleum-based products at all costs - all they do is create a moist look on your lips.

Your hands are also in danger of being overlooked by your everyday skincare regimen. The funny thing is that they are hardly ever overlooked by the people you interact with daily. Make sure to care for your hands with moisturisation and nutrients over the harsh winter seasons. The best ingredients to look for in a hand moisturiser are natural and healthy ingredients such as olive and jojoba oils, for example.

5) Stay Away From Harsh Ingredients

It's incredibly easy to strip your skin of its natural oils, especially in the fall and winter months, when it's cold and dry out. Once again, just make sure that your skincare and makeup products are suitable for this time of the year. This may seem like being too careful, but choosing the harsh products (a.k.a. products with harsh ingredients) can cause not only dryness and flaking but even breakouts!

6) Exfoliate

Every 30 or so days, your skin sheds dead skin cells in order to make room for new ones. Sometimes, however, the dead cells don't shed entirely. As a result, you can end up with flaky patches and clogged pores in your skin. That's when exfoliating comes in! It can improve your skin appearance in multiple ways.

First, it results in much brighter skin. Moreover, the process improves the effectiveness of other skincare products due to better absorption. Second, regular exfoliation helps prevent clogged pores, which results in much fewer breakouts. And lastly, long-term exfoliating is known to increase collagen production. Speaking of collagen...

7) Rev Up the Collagen Supplements

While moisturising and exfoliating have been well-known and widely practiced for decades, collagen has only become popular in the past few years. It's been incredibly trendy in Asia for a while, but only recently migrated west. In 2015, it was constituted for only 1% of the beauty supplements. Today, it's over 9%!

For those who don't know, collagen is a type of protein found in connective tissue and bones of humans and animals. Made primarily of Proline, Hydroxyproline, and Glycine, it's known for its health benefits that can assist you when fighting the common age-related issues such as skin wrinkling, bone loss, and joint pain.

While it's produced naturally within our bodies, it's production slows down dramatically as we age. As a result, complimenting your diet with collagen supplements can offer great health benefits as the years fly by.

When it comes to skincare, type 1 collagen is the one you should go for. Known for minimising fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin elasticity and hydration, it also helps rebuilding your muscles and bones, growing thicker hair and strengthening your nails. If that's what you are looking for, there is one type of collagen supplement that will work the best - marine collagen.

Marine collagen is an environmentally friendly and sustainable supplement that's made from collagen peptides derived from fish. It has the most efficient absorption of all collagen types out there, so it's usually considered the best bang for the buck as well. When it comes to your skin, marine collagen increases its smoothness and helps it look former - all because your skin cells keep renewing and repairing properly. Another big factor that kept the collagen around is the ease of use - you can mix it with water or add it to your all-time-favourite shake, juice or smoothie.

ProNutriWorld has got two offers for your daily collagen routine - our top product drinkable Pro Collagen with unique powerful formula that makes it highly bio-available, with absorption rate of 90%. The other option is our premium dietary supplement Marine Collagen capsules, designed to help replenish the body’s supply of this vital protein.

Try Out These Beauty Tips

and the next thing you know - your skin is glowing all winter! However, it's important to remember - before changing your skincare routine drastically, pay attention to how your skin is feeling right now - to determine what exactly your skin is craving.

If you liked this post, you can find more beauty tips and latest news on our blog.

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