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Hair Loss after pregnancy - is it normal and how to stop it!

Hair loss is totally normal after pregnancy but do not panic - there are certain things you can do to stop it or at least minimize the damages.

Shedding hair is quite a common problem in the first six months after having a baby and there's nothing to worry about - You Are Not Alone! According to experts not all women are affected but it is not unusual so the experience can vary among women.

Below you will find some more information and useful tips to slow down this process.

What Causes Hair Loss After Childbirth?

The estrogen and progesterone levels is severely soaring during pregnancy which makes our hair grow faster, makes it thicker and shinier. Women smile and feel good despite the rest of the changes in their body. However, the months after childbirth can be harsh due to reasons like sleep deprivation, endless nursing sessions and constant fatigue. Then your hormone levels out and your hair starts falling out. It can even starts coming out in alarming clumps. Most women know about this side effect and are aware it's part of the postpartum process but how many (really!) are prepared to deal with the problem?

How Much Shedding Is Normal?

Even when you have not just had a baby, experts say losing about 80 to 100 hairs a day is normal but how much new mums are losing? The answer is about 400 hairs a day. Quite scary, isn't it? The hair loss in the first six months is severe but the hair should start recovering after that. Of course, if you feel the shedding is not slowing down, there might be another health issue involved. Pregnancy can change your level of ferritin (a blood cell protein that helps your body store iron) and can put the thyroid out of whack, so make sure to speak to your GP that you’ve noticed a lot of hair loss and have a blood test. If you’ve ascertained that your blood work is normal, consider talking to a dermatologist or certified trichologist. Treatment options can include medication, therapies to reduce inflammation around hair follicles and at-home lasers that stimulate new hair growth.

Hair Loss Treatment After Pregnancy

1. Do a blood test to make sure your blood sugar, iron, ferritin, zinc and vitamin D levels are normal.

2. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of protein to aid the hair growth process, and don’t be afraid to shampoo frequently.

3. Moisturise your hair as much as possible and use hair masks and/or homemade therapies if you don't have time or resources for some pampering in the hair salon.

4. Well, we know this is not easy but try to do as much as you can to minimize stress. Easy to be said when you are not caring for an infant - We Know, we have been through it.

5. Make sure you take daily vitamins and food supplements to stimulate hair growth. Here's where ProNutriWorld can help. It is not a big investment and it certainly works.

Pro Hair and Pro Collagen are our top products which we highly recommend. Separately or together they can literally bring your hair back to life in less than two months.

Pro Hair and Pro Collagen are liquid skin and hair vitamins, that easily cross the intestinal walls to be directly distributed to the target organ: the hair and the skin. Our solution in the form of ampoules to drink promises high absorption with quick and lasting results.

Drop us an email if you are still concerned about your hair loss and need an expert advice. Have a look at our product pages to see which one you are willing to try.

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