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Keratin Miracle Ingredient for Hair!

What is keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein which represents 95% of the composition of the hair. The production of keratin takes place in cells called “keratinocytes” in the epidermis, hair, nails and body hair. It gives the hair its elasticity, strength and shine.

Your hair consists of 3 layers of keratin, from the outside to the inside: the cuticle, the cortex and the marrow.

  • The cuticle is the outermost layer. It protects the hair fibre from attacks such as UV, sea water, limestone, etc. It is made up of scales stacked like tiles. Between the scales, there are ceramides. These are oily substances mainly made up of essential fatty acids. They seal the scales together and help maintain a good level of hydration by trapping water.

  • The cortex is the most robust part of the hair. It represents around 90% of its total weight.

  • The marrow is like a large pipe, in the centre of the hair fibre.

The vitality of keratin - therefore the good health of hair - depends on several internal and external factors, such as the quality of diet, hormonal changes stress, or environmental factors. These elements can disrupt growth and cause hair loss.

The properties of keratin.

Why do we have straight, curly or frizzy hair? Blond, brown or black? Well, the characteristics of keratin are inherited. The keratin will be flexible and thick depending on the ethnic origin. For example, African hair is generally thick and very flexible, so it tends to curl, while Caucasian hair is thinner and very often straight or wavy.

As for the hair colour, it is determined by melanin (yes, as for the skin!). Melanin is a brown pigment made in cells called "melanocytes". It is absorbed by the keratinocytes and is therefore found in the keratin of the hair when it grows. If they are dark depending on the person, the reason is again genetic.

Why is my hair dull?

On a healthy keratin, the scales of the cuticle (outer layer) are closed. They are only supposed to open occasionally, to absorb water or under the effect of certain coloring products. If the scales are well welded to each other, their flat and smooth surface will reflect the light and make your hair shine! When the hair is damaged, the keratin is damaged and the scales are opened in some places, making the surface rough.

A keratin treatment to strengthen hair.

With age, the production of keratin in the body decreases. The hair then becomes more fragile, brittle and less voluminous. Using topical keratin care can help improve hair health, but we recommend that you optimize the results by taking care of yourself from within!

At ProNutriWorld, our PRO HAIR Anti-Hair Loss vitamins in the form of drinkable ampules contains pure keratin that is among those closest to that of humans, and rich in amino acids. Our blend of antioxidant complex allows better absorption, for a lasting action in depth.

Have you ever tested an oral keratin treatment? And did you know our PRO HAIR Anti-Hair loss vitamins have 150mg of keratin in each shot. Why don’t you give it a try today and see the benefits and the amazing results for yourself in as little as 40days.

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