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How To Get Your Hair Grow Longer, Stronger, and Healthier?

For some women, long and strong hair somehow just happens. For the rest of us, however, changing the beauty routine and putting more emphasis on the hair is a must. And it doesn't have to be a huge change - oftentimes, tweaking a few little aspects can make a big difference.

Whether it's adding a few vitamins to your diet, changing your hairbrush, or adjusting how often you use the hairdryer, there are a few steps that you can take in order to achieve healthy, shiny, and strong locks.

1) Eat the Right Food

While not directly related to your hair, watching what you put in your body will have a significant impact on your locks as well. As Dr. Francesca Fusco said, "you need to feed your hair from the inside. Increasing protein intake from foods like fish, nuts, and whole grains will help you a lot here."

Even if you aren't a meat lover, protein is still a must. Without enough of it in your system, you may experience "more shedding," which is very undesirable. If you top that with essential vitamins (A, C, and E), minerals (zinc and iron), and omega-3 fatty acids, you'll soon notice your hair changing for the better (more about vitamins down below)!

2) Get Your Hair Trimmed Once in a While

While this may sound rather counterproductive, getting regular trips can actually help you grow healthier and stronger hair. How's that possible? You see, a haircut will help you to get rid of the annoying split ends that break your locks. If you avoid getting a trim for long enough, a split end can lead to your hair losing not only length, but also its shine, smoothness, and volume.

3) The Fewer Chemical Treatments - The Better

Once in a blue moon, you may feel an urge to go from a darker shade to blonde. If you are trying to grow healthy and natural hair, bleaching it and damaging its cuticle just to "change things up" won't do you any good. Instead, you may experience more breakage and split ends as the result of the chemical treatment. Just don't do that!

4) Skip the Daily Shampoo

Shampooing your hair daily washes away the natural oils. Cutting it to 2-3 times a week will allow these same oils to penetrate your locks and help it hydrate and repair itself.

5) Finish the Shower On a Cold Note

You may already know how bad a hot shower is for your skin. But did you know that it also does a great job damaging your hair? When cleansing, keep the water temperature low - and do the same when rinsing.

The cold water will help seal the cuticle and make your hair stronger.

6) Get a Silk Pillowcase

How awesome would it be to get better hair while you are sleeping? Well, now you can! All you have to do is switch your pillowcase to something that's easier on your locks - silk. You'll instantly notice a decrease in both tangles and breakage, which lightly damage your hair daily. Now that's a pretty easy equation - the less damage your locks experience, the longer it will be!

7) Use The Right Hair Products

Whether you are fighting thinning hair and hair loss or just trying to get your hair healthier, there are products developed by companies that are specifically aimed at restoring locks growth. Full of healthy oils and minerals, they destroy the bacteria that may cause hair breakage (or loss), aid in hair growth, and increase blood circulation to the scalp! While they aren't the cheapest, they can do wonders!

8) Give a Thought To Essential Oils

Despite the fact that, lately, the essential oils have earned a bad reputation due to being "a solution for every illness," don't just cross them off your list of hair growth remedies. Some of them, such as cypress, lavender, and carrot seed, for instance, have regenerative and balancing properties that can help improve the scalp condition and promote hair growth. A few drops added to your scalp during scalp massage, for example, will enhance the massage's effectiveness dramatically.

9) Avoid Hair Tools That Use High Heat

Remember - heat is hard on hair. When styling, it's often tempting to use a hair straightener or curling iron - and that's okay. In fact, using it sometimes is fine, as long as you don't leave it on one area of your hair for too long.

If it can burn your fingers - it can also burn your hair. Whenever possible, avoid using a hairdryer after the shower and just let them dry naturally. The next thing you know, your locks will look lovely all the time without any styling done!

10) Never Forget Vitamins

These days, our diets hardly ever supply us with enough nutrition that's necessary for healthy and gorgeous hair and skin. While a deep conditioner can help make your locks silky, finding the right supplements can make a world of difference!

Vitamins are critical for all cells in the body - and those responsible for generating hair are included. These cells have one of the highest turnovers of cells in the body, and any nutritional deficiency can affect the cells rapidly. Alright, so what vitamins are needed for your hair?

The most important vitamins that you should be looking at are B7, C, and D3. Combine them with iron and Omega-3 - and you have all you need for healthy hair growth. Biotin helps your body build healthy keratin protein that's necessary for your locks. Vitamin C plays a major role in protein metabolism by boosting intestinal protein absorption. D3 deficiency may lead to hair thinning or loss, and taking it improves hair growth. Iron helps to form red blood cells that carry nutrients to your locks, and Omega-3 helps to get your hair smoother, richer, and less fragile. As you can see, taking them as a complex will result in much shinier and healthier locks!

You can either buy each one of them separately, get a multivitamin that contains everything you need in one pill or capsule, or try liquid hair vitamins - they are just fantastic.

Our suggestion - ProNutriWorld's Pro Hair vitamins. This liquid hair growth supplement contains a unique formulation of Keratin, Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, Selenium, Amino Acids, Vitamins and minerals for good absorption and bioavailability. It is designed to improve the look of your hair as little as a month. Want to know more? Click here >>

With these tips, you can easily make your hair longer, stronger, and healthier!

Contact us to find out more or head to our Instagram page where you will find hundreds of hair tips posted every day.

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