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ProNutriWorld - a year in review

2019 has been awesome for the team of ProNutriWorld in many ways. So many amazing memories with some pretty extraordinary people. It's had its ups and downs and ins and outs. We believe we have been able to grow in our own unique ways. We have learned a lot and grown even more. We are truly grateful for every experience and cannot wait to continue this journey next year with you all.

The ProNutriWorld team has attended a number of events and we can only say two words - what an inspiration! We are planning a lot more in the new year and we promise to share more than ever before with all of you.

No doubt our top sellers have been Pro Collagen and Pro Hair and there is no surprise for us here. There is such wonderful feedback from our customers and some pretty awesome reviews which we'd love to share with you later.

There's lessons learnt too. We recently discovered that we have a copycat selling the same collagen as ours. Coincidence? We know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... until it starts to bug the hell out of us — or worse. We are not going to jump all over because of the copy/paste of our unique product (top to bottom without exaggeration) but we will certainly blow the whistle on. One thing is for sure - the original will always remain the pioneer and a copycat is simply a copycat. And in addition, we will mention Alex Lynn Ward (actress and producer) who once said: “Whenever I see someone ‘stealing’ something from me, I always reflect back on the fact that there’s room for everyone.”

It's not a secret that our team is small but very determined and bright. We are proud of our products and achievements and we cherish every small or bigger success. Our products

are our babies who are growing together with us, year after year. We love what we do and we do it with passion which we enjoy sharing with you, our friends and customers.

2019, we will miss you but we can't wait to open the next chapter and see what experiences and adventures will bring 2020!

We are truly and utterly grateful to all our customers, followers and friends. Thank you for your continuing support. You are our greatest inspiration and we will continue to deliver outstanding products for your wellbeing in the new year and ahead.

Have A Jolly Festive Season And A Fabulous 2020!

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